Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekly progress update

Okay, so I've really made no progress this week.  I'm still revising and rewriting the same five chapters because no matter what I do, I don't believe one or another character would act like that.  Essentially, I think I've written myself into a corner.  It's frustrating.  Very, very frustrating.

I'm going to move on and hopefully some fantastic idea will smite me while I'm working through the second half of the book.  I'm just afraid that I'll do that, and when (if) I get that fantastic idea, it will change what needs to happen ahead of it.

Sometimes I wonder why the hell I even bother doing all this....

How's your writing week been?


  1. Kate, it really sounds like you need to open a new document and start fresh. Let your characters lead you. You can't try to lead them. They don't listen. ;) Try rewriting a few chapters and see if it helps. I done this several times. Trying too revise too big of an issue is more daunting than actually rewriting. Trust me.

    1. I've done that! I now have 8 different documents called C19-24, all completely different scenarios. I don't buy any of them. The book's fine up until then, and again after these 5 chapters, but finding a believable way for these two to spend the summer together is proving impossible.

      Stupid overprotective parents....

  2. Kelly - Eek! I'd never delete an ms and start new. All those hours of work - gone? Nope, dang it. Those characters will fall into line and take orders. "Don't make me come in there." (I can see them quivering now.)

  3. List everything your characters like and hate, where they agree on things and where they disagree and go back to your WIP and let them guide you. Characters become very annoyed when you want them to act a certain way