Thursday, August 30, 2012


I love to read, and I read a lot.  I'm always in the middle of a book.  I freak out if I'm stuck somewhere without something to read.  Luckily, since I got an i-Phone I have a Kindle in my phone so I'm never stuck without a book.  Just don't look at my credit card bills....

At the beginning of the year, a bunch of my writing friends were pledging to read a certain number of books during the year.  One said 60, another said 80.  I thought about it and decided to keep tabs on all the books I read during 2012.  Not as any kind of challenge, but just out of curiosity.  I already keep tabs on how many films I see in the course of the year because I review everything I see.

So today I opened up my spreadsheet to enter the latest book I finished, and realized I'm already over 80.  And it's not even September yet.  I'll definitely get over 100 by December 31st.  How do I manage to read this much?  I'm a little baffled.  Sure, I read on the bus going to and from work.  I read in the bath before I go to bed.  I read in bed on Sunday mornings while my partner gets breakfast for the kids.

But that's about it.  Not a whole lot of hours.  My bus trips aren't hours long (although my baths sometimes are...).  I read fast, but over 80 books?  That seems quite insane!  Especially since I haven't included unpublished manuscripts in that tally and I've read at least 10 of those this year too, and critiqued them.

How many books do you think you've read this year?


  1. I have no idea how many books I've read. I've been deep in edits though, so that's taking a toll on my reading. Still I read when I run on the treadmill, so I always get some time in that way.

  2. I go through phases where I read a ton, and then not so much. When I am working on my own writing I don't read as much because it is difficult for me to keep everything separate in my brain. I read a lot this summer because my kids are home and it is too distracting to write, but easy enough to find time to read.

  3. I don't keep count, but I'm reading a novel that's about 890 pages right now--The Passage by David Cronin. I NEVER read books that long, but this thing has totally hooked me in!

  4. I go through periods when I read and they seem to coincide with my writing schedule. When I'm between projects I read.. When I'm neck deep in edits or drafting, maybe a book a month. But since I write YA and adult romance, I seen to have even less time to read...grrrh