Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just like his mother....

My son just finished his first book.  Writing his first book.  He's seven.

It's actually quite good.  It's called Fish Guy and the Spine Sharks and follows the adventures of the titular character as he fights the enemy Spine Sharks.  There are ten chapters and each one involves Fish Guy trying a new tactic to defeat the enemy.  Usually an new weapon (or as he spells it, wepon).

He's taking it very seriously.  The draft he showed me was his first draft and he asked me to edit it for him before he types up a good copy.  I did, and last night he typed the first chapter.  It took him about an hour and the chapter doesn't even fill a page.

Today he asked me if I thought he could get published.  And if maybe they might make a movie of his book.  I just told him he was jumping the gun.  He should finish his good copy before he started thinking that far ahead.

When he's finished typing up his good copy I'll get it printed and bound for him so he can feel like his work is published.  Maybe we can do a few copies so he has something unique to give his grandparents for Christmas...

Do your kids try and follow in your footsteps?


  1. I love it! Your son's ambition and epic cuteness have put a big smile on my face (and Lord knows, I needed one). You definitely have to have a few copies bound and give them to the grandparents. :-D

  2. Yes! My daughter started writing picture books when she was 4. Now at 5 1/2, she's written 7 of them. She constantly asks me, "How many books do you have published?" The little stinker! I'm very flattered that she wants to write books like me though. :)

  3. Don't you love it when your kids show huge creativity?! My younger son suddenly got into writing, and now has an 80-page novelette, which he is determined to complete. I am trying not to overwhelm him with my loud enthusiasm.
    Catherine Stine’s Idea City

  4. I wish my son was that creative. No, actually he is, when it comes to video games. My daughterfinally finished her first the storyline, the drawings are amazing. Does anyone know about manga publishers? She wants to post it on Deviant Art first.My second girl writes dark stories...really dark and snarky characters. She's the one who walks around in T-shirts with I SEE STUPID PEOPLE or THIS IS MY ZOMBIE-KILLING shirts...LOL. Don't you just love kids.

  5. Wow, rock on, little guy!

    My kid strives to be as different from me as possible...which is probably just as well. Though we both have in interest in creating art, his lies in movie making and music where mine is more in writing and music. Well, at least be both got music! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  6. That is adorable! It's great that your son enjoys reading and writing and flexing his creative muscles.

    I don't have any kids, but every day I find myself becoming more like my parents (eek!). I'll say something my mom would, or crack the kind of sarcastic joke that would have slipped out of my dad's mouth. I like to think I got the best of both of their creative skills :)

  7. My kids aren't old enough for this yet, but my oldest seems to be a little mini-me in all kinds of ways. It will be interesting to see how her creativity develops.