Monday, August 27, 2012


Last night I went to a wine tasting event that was held at the observatory.  Pretty cool idea, huh?  I thought so...  I get invited to these things quite often, but rarely ever go because I have other things I'd rather be doing (like writing), but this one sounded great.  And it was!

After being herded into a kind of holding pen and given several white wines to sample, we got to go into the planetarium and shown a display about the universe.  It was quite mind blowing.  I can't get my head around how utterly vast the universe is and how insignificant a little speck we are in it.  It makes whatever is going on in my life feel really small.

But the most incredible part of the night (other than the 50 or so amazing reds there were to try) was looking through the big telescope at Saturn.  It looked just like a cartoon Saturn.  I stepped away and looked at the guy, certain this was some kind of joke.  They must have pasted a drawing or something over the end of the telescope.  No way does the real Saturn look just like it does in comics!

But you know what?  It does.  I went back to look again several times, and even though the planet had moved in the sky, it still looked like a drawing of Saturn.

Weird, huh???


  1. That sounds like a fabulous combination of activities. I would love that!

  2. Very cool! I grew up with a father who loved astrology, so we had telescopes all over our house. It's a fun hobby.

  3. My son is into astrology and went to a camp in Alabama last year, so we are big on anything space around my house. Which city did this take place...herewon't talk you, just wanted to know. I live in a small town where very little happens...except country fairs and rodeos LOL

  4. So does life copy art or does art copy life?
    It sounds like you spent a wonderful evening and you deserve every blessed moment. :-)