Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What now?

Now that the A-Z challenge is over, it feels weird not posting every day.  But really, I don't think I have enough interesting stuff to say for everyday posts.  So we'll go back to the every 2 day posting schedule I was on pre-April.

But I'd like to involve all of you, the people who read this blog. Is there anything in particular you'd be interested in reading about?  Anything you've been curious about?  Any burning questions you'd like answered?

Let me know.  I'm never sure if the brain vomit that makes it onto the screen is worth reading, and I feel a kind of responsibility to those of you who take the time to pop by.  So just leave me a note in the comments, and I'll address whatever you request in future posts...  Providing of course, it's something I know about.  If you ask me to post on nuclear physics I'm not really qualified to do that.  I'm not even 100% what makes nuclear physics different to regular physics, so....


  1. I would like to hear more about what you do as a cinema manager and what you think about screen plays.

  2. I know this is random, but I LOVE top ten lists.

    I just finished up posts for a blog tour for Night Sky, and those were my fav to write.

    Yeah - sometimes I struggle coming up with posts, and sometimes they just happen.

  3. Hi Kate... you are an amazingly fast writer... I'd love to learn more about how you do that... maybe I can learn a few tricks:)