Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time and finding more of it

I'm getting frustrated.  I want to write.  I want to write a lot.  I need to write a lot.  But there are not enough hours in the day or the week to get as much done as I want to get done.

The last three or four weeks, I've had to work both Saturday and Sunday which has cut into my writing time a bit.  This week I have to work Thursday night and go to a screening on Wednesday morning.  Wednesdays are the one day I can count on getting a lot of writing done because I don't work and my younger son is at daycare while my older one is at school.  I can usually guarantee myself at least 3 hours of uninterrupted writing time.  But not this week.

And not next week either because I will have to take son #2 to a school visit.

So I'm pretty much limited to mornings (before 7am) and evenings (apart from the 3 I work) for the next couple of weeks.  And that just isn't enough.  This story is demanding to be written.  It wants to be poured out onto the page.  I'm afraid if I don't purge it, it'll get lost somewhere, or stagnate.

How do I find more writing time?  As it is I survive on about 5 hours a night sleep.  I don't think I can cut that down any lower without losing my mind.  But then, if I don't write this story, I'll probably lose my mind too.  There are many out there who will say I already have...

How do you find enough time to write?  What else could I sacrifice to get myself a little more?

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  1. I have been struggling with this as well. I took a serious look at my schedule and decided where I was losing time that I could keep for things that I don't really care about. And at times when I just can't have the time or whatever I will either do some character sketches or find more bloggers to keep me excited instead of defeated. Hope you can squeeze in a little of something.