Tuesday, May 15, 2012


In the interest in keeping myself accountable, I figure I should give you some indication of my progress on my new WIP.  Plus, it's going so remarkably well, I feel like I need to document it somewhere, so when I get stuck I have evidence that there was a time I was going well...

So here goes.  I started on April 30th.  I now have just under 21K written and am just starting chapter 12. I feel like I'm racing through, but just sketching in the story.  I love my characters and enjoy visiting with them every day.  It's going to get harder from here on in though, because from this point, things are going to start going seriously wrong for young Sacha and Dylan.

I have quite a bit of writing time this week, so I'm hoping to have cracked 30K by the end of the week, and to have reached almost the halfway point.

If I keep this up, I will have finished the whole draft by June.  And I'd given myself until the end of July!

How's your writing going?  Are you speeding ahead, or have you hit a roadblock?


  1. Congratulations! What a great start!!! Can you rub some of that productivity off on me?

  2. Wow, you write fast! You're doing really well. :)

  3. Congrats on your progress! I wish I could write that fast.

  4. You put the rest of us to shame. So far this month, I've managed to revise 2 chapters and a synopsis. At this rate, I'll be done by Christmas...

  5. Brava!

    I've been brainstorming on how to put some direction in my blogging, ideas for posts, etc. It's work, but somehow less scary than my actual *writing*, if you know what I mean. I'm looking forward to the less hectic pace of June/July/August to get back to my WIPs and whatnot.

    Some Dark Romantic