Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for...Sequels

These days, it seems like every YA book you see is part of a series.  There seem to be very few books that just stand alone.  Yet I've never had any desire to write a sequel.  I love my characters, but when I leave them at the end of a book, I'm finished with them.  I've got them through whatever traumas I wanted them to deal with, and that's that.

I can understand the desire to write sequels, especially if you've designed and created an elaborate fantasy world.  And sticking with characters whose voices you already know as well as your own is probably easier than having to birth new ones.  And maybe the story you wanted to tell was bigger than could fit into a single book.

I can understand the reasons behind sequels and series, both as a writer and a reader.  I just have no desire to go that way myself.

Do you like sequels?  Why?

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  1. I like reading sequels, but I think writing a traditional one would be difficult. What I don't like with the current trend is getting to the end of book one and feeling like it's a stand alone and the last chapter was just randomly stuck in later to make it feel like a sequel.

    I hear that most new author sales aren't actually multi-book. The problem is, multi-book sale means more money which usually means bigger marketing push which means it sounds like more sequels sale because they get more coverage (or at least, that's what makes sense to me right now).