Saturday, April 14, 2012

N is for...Numbnuts

I love discovering new insults and ways to refer to people who do stupid things. I especially love it when one of my favorite new words gets used in public. This happened to me this week when the film reviewer for our daily newspaper (who happens to be a very good friend of mine) used my current favorite insult, ass-hat (or in his case, arse-hat). I mean, isn't that a great term? The image it conjures up is just...wrong.

I have many other insults I like using. Numbnuts is good for guys, while dickwad is good for pretty much anyone. I especially like using that one for bad drivers. Moron is okay, but doesn't quite have the same ring to it. There's something about adding a little bit of mild profanity to an insult that makes it more satisfying.

Muppet is a good one too, but I prefer to use that in a more affectionate way, the same way I'd use doofus or dingbat.

And the other ones I like to use are perhaps too rude to share in such a public forum.

But I'd like some new ones to let loose on the world (and maybe get published in the paper). What's your favorite insult?


  1. Hehehe asshat.

    That's actually my current favorite. I think the six year old in me is still giggling ^_^

  2. Me and my mum think of really weird ones to call each other (affectionately, of course!). A lot of them are a little too rude to put here though! I also remember the time that she told me that the best word to insult someone with while you're driving is "tosser", because they can lip read it!

  3. Oddly enough asshat is my current favorite as well. There's just something about it that embodies the exact level of stupid the person in question is behaving at.

  4. Aah yes there are a number of 'numbnuts' who live on my street :)


  5. I'm pretty boring. I just say "Idiot." But I do it with a very nasty inflection, does that count?

  6. "Why'd you call me a lever?"

    "It's the simplest tool I could think of."