Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for...Kate

Okay, so this is an obvious one. K for Kate. But seriously, other than the 2 line bio on the side of this bar, what do any of you know about me, Kate? So here's the chance to find out the A-Z of me!

A is for my favorite veggies: avocado, asparagus and artichokes.
B is for Beijing, the city I lived in for 3 years between the ages of 9 and 12.
C is for cinema which is my career and one of my passions.
D is for diet, something I'm always on and never works.
E is for eating, which I love to do far too much to diet successfully.
F is for fiction, what I read and write far too much of, leaving me in a dreamworld about 90% of the time.
G is for glassblowing, the hobby I wish I had the means to take up.
H is for house and home, a place I spent more time than I actually ever do,
I is for ice-cream, which I adore. Especially affogato flavored, or lemon meringue pie, or triple chocolate or mint choc-chip...
J is for Jane and John, my sister and my father. My sister's husband fits there too since his name is Jim.
K is for kickboxing, one of the exercise options I do sometimes and enjoy far more than I should.
L is for lie-in, something I do on Sunday mornings and look forward to every week.
M is for mother, something I'm always afraid I'm not good enough at.
N is for novels, what I try to write two of a year.
O is for Orson my youngest son. The older one is Elias.
P is for poetry, something I totally suck at and actually find kind of boring (shhh.. don't tell anyone).
Q is for quips. My partner is great at these and makes me laugh constantly with them.
R is for reading, of course, because you can't write if you don't read. I just wish I had more time for it.
S is for Samoa, another place I lived when I was a kid.
T is for Tokelau, yep, another place I used to live. I was a diplo-brat, okay?
U is for unpublished and unagented... at the moment. I hope this will change in the not too distant future.
V is for violet which is my favorite color.
W is for wine which I like more than I probably should. Especially big, complex reds.
X is for Xavier, a name I love because how many names start with X? And it sounds so cool too.
Y is for youth, which I wish I had back to do over. Not that I'd change much, but it would be nice to re-do a few parts.
Z is for Zealand, because I live in New Zealand at the moment.

So there you are. The A - Z of K for Kate. You can wake up now....


  1. Love your A-Z about--you. I need to look up affogato flavored ice cream.

    I wish I had lived in those wonderful places as a child.


  2. What a great A-Z all about you! I'm with you on the poetry...shhh.