Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P is for... Polite

One thing I've noticed recently is how much less polite the world has become. Please and thank you are still part of the language, but I find they are used much less frequently than they probably should. And with all the new technology vying for our attention, there are whole new ways to be rude.

For example, I think it's really rude when someone goes the counter in a cafe or store while talking on the phone. Trying to make an order or pay for something while our attention is on something different is rude. Especially when the transaction may need some back and forward. I work in a movie theatre and people constantly walk up to the counter while on the phone. It makes it difficult for me to complete the transaction because I need the customer to tell me what film they want to see, whether they want ice-cream or wine or coffee as well as the ticket, and I need to tell them which cinema to go to and what time the doors will be open.

And you can guarantee if they go to the wrong theatre, I'll hear about...

I see it at restaurants and cafes too. People have their phones out on the tables and text away while having a conversation with someone else. That's not polite. Surely if you're having coffee or dinner with someone, you can focus your attention on that person or people for that short period of time?

Maybe I'm getting old and fogeyish, but it doesn't take much effort to be polite, and it makes everyone feel that much better.

Have you noticed this trend too?


  1. I'm with you! I cannot stand when people text/answer calls/etc while having a conversation with someone else. I so want to yell at them, "Bad form! Yellow card! Penalty box! You're outta there!" or some other sports metaphor!

  2. Makes me crazy.
    People are so incredibly rude, and at my used bookstore they have this sign that says "no cell phones at the counter" and this customer was like - that is so rude!

    I wanted to flick the back of her head.

  3. Completely agree. We had a manager who would text during team meetings. That he had called. In 'ye olden days' (Like ten years ago), people waited until you were available for a response. It won't kill them or you now to give your current task your full attention ^_^

  4. Use of tech devices has changed people's behavior for the worse. I wonder where it will lead. One thing's for sure, we can't change all of the people all of the time. Blog on!


  5. My main beef is cell phone usage on the train. Like, last night, I was listening to music and writing my book when this very obnoxious woman was screaming at the top of her lungs her dinner recipe on her cell phone. Well, I could have easily gone over to tell her to be quiet, but, alas, I'm Canadian. Politeness runs through our blood. :)

  6. I don't like the rudeness of people talking so loud on their cell phones that I am forced to hear them! Grrrrr!

    Another thing I find exceptionally rude (and don't allow) is someone cutting a line. I start by saying, 'The line forms at the rear.' If that doesn't work, I push it further and am not afraid to do so.

  7. So true. A friend and I were just in a cafe last evening and commented about all the couples who were 'out together' and yet glued to their phones, texting away. Kinda sad.