Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I've been doing....

What I haven't been doing is writing. I'm 4 days from the end of the Film Festival and have decided to give myself a break until next week because I'm working so many hours I can't focus. So what have I been doing instead? Mostly ice-cream. We went through 95 liters of ice cream in 2 days last weekend. That's a lot of ice cream!

I've also been watching films, although not as many as I would have liked to, or as many as I usually see during a Festival. So what have I seen, and was it good?

Well, let's see.... I saw Errol Morris's latest doco, Tabloid and I loved it. He manages to find the most interesting people in the world, the ones with the stories too bizarre to be anything but true. And this one is a doozy!

I saw Wim Wenders's 3D dance movie about the fabulous Pina Bausch. It was phenomenal. I've been on the fence about 3D because I haven't seen anything where it really worked or added anything to the film. But this one convinced me. I felt like I was onstage with the dancers. I could see every ripple of muscle, the expressions on the dancers' faces. It was incredible.

I saw a lovely Belgian film called The Giants which was about 3 teenaged boys on their own in the country and the trouble they manage to get themselves into. It wasn't a showy film, but it was truthful and the performances were very real.

So far those have been the highlights. I've seen a few others I was asked to see for work, and a few more I didn't like much so I won't mention them here. Two more to go and then I'm done.

I love the Festival, but I can't wait for life to get more settled down so I can focus on my book again. I feel like I'm at the halfway point, so things are ramping up....

What have you been doing the last few weeks?


  1. Frantically writing.

    It's good.

    But exhausting.

    Sounds like you've been all kinds of busy!

  2. You've been busy! I've had a little break which has been nice. LOL. I need to jump into my book that I stopped when I got revisions, but I've been lazy!