Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Q & A

Well, there certainly seem to be a lot of you out there. Hello new followers! This is exciting.

But who are you all? Some of you I know from visiting your blogs on blogfests, but others, I'm just not sure. So I thought it was time for a little Q & A. Tell me something about yourself, and ask me something . Anything. You'll find I'm an endless fount of meaningless trivia.

So yes, this is an open forum today, for you to ask me things, and to tell me about yourselves.

Let me get the ball rolling... Here's something about me you probably don't know: all my favorite vegetables start with the letter A -asparagus, artichokes and avocados. And yes, I do know an avocado is a fruit.

Tell me about you!


  1. Hi Kate! I haven't had the opportunity to meet you personally but hopefully soon. I just joined your blog! Can't wait. Hmmm - something about me... I am a chocoholic and I love sourpatch kids. Seriously can't get enough of either. Love asparagus and avocados too! Haven't figured out enough with the artichokes to be in love yet.

  2. We call artichokes "dinosaur food" it's the only way my son will eat it. My daughter and husband don't touch them, which means more for us :D

    It's funny because I'll get these off insurgents of new followers, and I rarely know where they came from.

  3. Good to meet you Abby!

    And it's always nice to see you, Jolene...

  4. I first discovered you during the Why I write YA blogfest and just came back today to visit... actually re-read your YA post and still think it was the best of the bunch!

    So as a film reviewer, I'm curious what you thought of Inception, which remains one of the movies I think a lot about, almost a year later.

    And about me? I don't like any foods that start with A. Now C foods - candy, chocolate, corn on the cob... all right!! On a more seriou snote, I love to analyze why people do things :)

  5. I actually haven't seen Inception... I know. The only person on earth, right? I very seldom make it to the multiplex to see 'popcorn' movies unless they're kiddie flicks I take my boys to. I'm all about art-house films.

    When I was reviewing on breakfast TV I used to see more commercial films, but since that contract finished, I'm back with the indies.

    Glad to see you back, Margo!