Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where to next?

I'm closing in on finishing my revision of Tail Lights. I'm thinking I probably have 8 chapters to go. Maybe only 6, if I can cram a lot of stuff into each one.

So, of course, my tricky little brain has started thinking ahead and is tempting me with shiny new ideas for my next project. I have a basic idea for a new book, but I'm going to save it for NaNo since writing a first draft quickly seems to work well for me (who knew?). P & P needs revising, but I'm not 100% inspired by doing that just now. Maybe later.

No, what is really piquing my interest is my first book (okay, it's not my first; just the first I'll admit to) Holding It Together. I've worked and reworked this book a lot, and it never worked for me. I wrote it in 3rd person and it didn't really work, so I rewrote it in 2 first person POVs, but the two characters are brothers and very alike so the voices were too similar. Now, the idea is kicking around my skull that I should choose one of those 2 POVs and rewrite it from that.

But which voice to choose... Shaynne, the older of the two, it the obvious choice, and perhaps the easiest one. But I'm thinking I might try to write the piece from Chris's. Seeing Shaynne's obvious character flaws through the eyes of the younger brother who adores him might be interesting. I'm just not sure if I have enough skill as I writer to do it.

So I will let the idea keep brewing while I knock out these last Tail Lights chapters, and maybe in April I'll start playing around with my favorite old story again...

What happens to you at the end of a major project? Do you rest? Panic? Start something new right away?


  1. Well, I'm just finishing up my editing of my WIP, but I like to keep busy. I've got so many ideas floating around so I'll probably jump straight into them.

  2. I rest or turn to something new (or something old and revise). It's also the time when I catch up on things like laundry and showering. :)

  3. I'm having work done on my house so figure I have a good excuse not to do housework (although after this many weeks, things are getting pretty darn skanky. I may have to cave in and clean this weekend) so I can write more.

  4. That's so exciting to have a round of edits nearing completion ^_^. There are times when I struggle for what to work on next, but I almost always have more than one thing waiting in the wings. Biggest issue for me is which one to pick.