Saturday, March 5, 2011


Do you ever find when things aren't running smoothly in your writing, that distractions begin to get... well, distracting? I don't usually have a problem with ignoring the pile of laundry in the corner, or turning down the invitation to go out, or switching off the TV when there's something on I might enjoy. But this week, it's been hard. I set myself a goal of 5 chapters a week to be edited or written, with the idea that I'd be finished with this second draft by the end of March. This week I think I got through two. Okay, they were new chapters that I had to write from scratch, so are a little trickier than rewriting existing material, but still...

I got distracted.

I wrote a short story instead of working on my book. Okay, it was about the same characters, but 20 years later, so it didn't actually do anything to get the draft finished.

I read two books. Both I enjoyed, but neither helped to get the draft finished.

I went to see a play. It was clever and I was reminded how much I like going to live theatre, something I do very rarely these days. But I lost an entire night of writing time, so it didn't help to get the draft finished.

I did a lot of critiquing for my writing friends. Four chapters last night alone! It's a give and take community, right? I was doing my bit. But it didn't help to get the draft finished.

And today, I'm going up the coast to my friend's house with the boys. It'll be fun (I hope - it's raining here in town, so I have my fingers crossed it'll be nicer up there), but once again, it's not going to get the draft finished.

I have to resolve to get back on track this week. Yet I've already conceded to distraction on Wednesday by making an appointment for a haircut bang smack in the middle of my Wednesday writing time. Maybe it's a sign the book isn't working. Or maybe it's a sign I've been working too hard on it and need a little break. I don't know. I guess I'll just forge on, the best I can, and see what happens....

How do you block out distraction?

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  1. I think ebbs and flows in productivity are normal. Distractions happen. What separates serious writers (like yourself) from hobbyists is that the serious writers get themselves back on track after having experienced a distraction or two.