Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pack mule

I'm a pack mule. Or maybe I just feel like one. I'm the one you'll see staggering down the street under a pile of grocery bags, swimming stuff and piles of books, papers and a laptop. I don't drive and always seem to be having to carry half my life wherever I go. I probably don't need to be paying for that gym membership....

Which of course brings me to the other thing on my mind: money, or more specifically, the distinct lack of it. Did I mention my house? Or should I say, the black hole into which money is sucked? I decided to get it painted this summer. After owning it 13 years, I felt it was time. I knew a few little things needed fixing, but when the builder started on those things, he found other things that also needed repairs. And now it seems I'm having the entire house re-built from the ground up... almost. One of the painters set a corner of the house on fire with his heat gun early in the process, and I'm beginning to wonder if it might not have been better to let the entire thing go up in flames. Then I could have taken the insurance and started from scratch...

So as you can probably imagine, I have a lot on my mind as well as on my back. Yet the rewrite I'm doing on Tail Lights is going more smoothly than any rewrite has before. I'm writing new chapters at the moment to fill in gaps in the middle section, but hope to be finished with them by next week, and heading into the final part of the book. I've pledged to finish by the end of March, and then it will be off to my gorgeous critique partner to be ripped to shreds.

Anyone else got major March goals? Share them here so we can cheer you on!

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