Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scary new software

After hearing other authors rave about Scrivener, I got it for myself a few moths back. I looked at it, tried the tutorial and kind of put it aside as being something possibly too complicated for me to really put to use. I was right in the middle of NaNo and not really in any place to start fiddling around with something new. So it has been sitting there in my tool bar, glaring at me, for weeks. Over the last few days, while off work, I decided to take another look at it.

I'm still pretty foggy on how it all works, but I'm beginning to understand its potential. Especially for a writer like me who likes to write out of sequence and kind of piece the novel together in editing. I can also see it as being a very valuable editing tool. Over the last couple of days I've loaded the two books I'm currently working on (P &P and Taillights) into Scrivener and plan to edit them both in there. How it's going to work is another question...

Does anyone have any super clever tips about using Scrivener? I'm curious about whether it keeps different drafts on its own, or if you have to save each new draft as a new project. I'm a little nervous about doing too much work in there when I don't know how it works. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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