Friday, December 31, 2010

300 word pitch


So here's the pitch I've written for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. It's slightly different to the one I used last year.

Tragedies have punctuated Casey’s life, but she has never explored them – until an creative writing assignment forces her to drag them into the light. Exploring painful and traumatic childhood memories is not easy, even as a seventeen-year-old who thinks she’s put them behind her.

When Casey meets Mark, she discovers he is struggling with his assignment too. Their connection is immediate and the two are drawn to one another. Casey wants their relationship to blossom, but is terrified by the possible outcome - everyone close to her ends up abandoning her.

As they write their ‘Assignment 9’, Casey and Mark discover things about themselves, their families and each other that will change their lives forever. One big question remains unanswered: are they really soul mates, or nothing more than damaged goods seeking solace and empathy? If Casey dares to find out, the answer may be one she doesn’t want.

ASSIGNMENT 9, a 75 000 word contemporary YA novel, interweaves Casy and Mark’s tentative relationship with Casey’s assignment in which she explores the traumatic childhood events that have left her wary of intimacy.

What do you think? Too long? Too involved? Not enough? Have your say!


  1. Hey, Kate. I remember this story. I'll make a couple of suggestions that hit me as I read it. One quick nit to pick, you use "an creative writing" instead of "a creative writing."

    Also, in the first paragraph, you use "explored" and "exploring. It sounds a bit repetitive. I'd suggest changing one of them to another word just for variety. The last part of the second paragraph is a bit vague and confusing after the em dash. You say it's a "possible outcome" and then make it sound like everyone has already abandoned her. I think you can make it clearer.

    I really like the ending of the next to last paragraph, and I think you might be better off ending it there rather than adding the last paragraph. It kind of weakens the impact of what's going on before.

    Just my suggestions. I hope they're helpful.


  2. Thanks Michael!

    I've just written a new one which I've put in the sidebar where I have info about my novels. I think I like this one better....

    X K8