Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Tis the Giving Season

Well, nobody offered up any suggestions as to what they might like as a giveaway, so I've decided to just go with things I'd like to win in a contest. So, I have three prizes to give away to lucky followers. So all you need to do, is follow the blog and leave me a comment! Easy eh? New followers welcome, of course!

So what are the prizes?

- first prize is a chapter or short story critique (up to 5000 words). I'll critique you the way I do for my critique groups, so if you're not ready for serious criticism, don't enter.
- second prize is a critique of the first 3 pages of your MS. Or a short story up to 1000 words.
-third prize is a query critique. Or, if you don't have a query, I'll critique a piece of flash fiction (up to 500 words)

And, as an added bonus, everyone who enters will get a discount coupon to buy the fantastic Drastic Measures anthology which includes a story by.... me! And a lot of other great authors including George Clayton Johnson, author of the original Oceans 11.

So... Get entering! Winners will be selected on Christmas Eve, so you have just over a week to enter and let your friends know about the contest.

Good luck y'all! And Happy Holidays.


  1. O.o Contest. Woot! (I can't believe I missed the original post. I blame my newsfeed). I shall go and spread the word to all who will listen, because everyone should follow your blog ^_^

  2. Thanks Loralie!

    I hope I get lots of entries!

  3. Hi Kate,

    Stopped over to see you from Loralie's blog. Nice to meet you. If you get a chance stop over an visit. if you an Harry Potter fan, I hosting a blogfest on Saturday with prizes from Wizarding World.

    Great last name BTW.

  4. Welcome Gideon!

    I think I've seen you lurking around Authoress's blog too, am I right?

  5. Everyone loves a good contest for Christmas!