Friday, December 24, 2010

We Have Winners!

Well, not a whole lot of entries into the contest, but that doesn't matter. Thanks to everyone who did enter.

So, first prize goes to Loralie Hall. She wins a chapter or short story critique.
Second prize goes to Gideon 86. He wins a critique of his first 3 pages or a short story up to 1000 words.
And third prize goes to Robert Dean. He wins a query critique or a critique on a flash fiction story.

Congratulations guys! Just email me your pages

And as promised, everyone wins a discount coupon for Drastic Measures for entering. Just head here and the code is FQSR8WWF.

Have a wonderful holiday season, wherever you are, okay?


  1. awesome! what a great idea for a contest! congrats to all!

  2. Thanks, Kate.

    As soon as I have a chance I will send the three pages out to you.