Monday, January 31, 2011

Better late than never....

Last night we had our staff Xmas party. Yes, I am aware it's now February and Xmas was quite some time ago. We're always too busy around Xmas to take a night off, and because so many people go home to their families, we never have everyone around to celebrate. So we tend to have our parties later, just before the students go back school and have crazy schedules all over again.

For the first time in my tenure as manager here, we actually left the cinema for our party. We went to dinner at a little Italian place a few blocks away and ate, drank and made merry. It was fantastic and everyone had a wonderful night. Perhaps too wonderful in a few cases - there were a lot of green - faced people wandering in this morning.

The party was a chance for us to celebrate our working relationship. For me, work is my social life so I consider the people I work with my friends. Some of them have been here since I started the job, and as I'm heading toward the six year mark, that's pretty impressive. Cinema workers tend to be fairly transient, but both here and the cinema I managed in Melbourne mange to keep people for crazily long times. I love that. And it makes me feel like I must be a good manager, because if people hated me or my management style, they wouldn't stay would they?

How do you measure success in your job? In life?


  1. Sounds like a blast. Having a job you enjoy is an awesome feeling (I was just thinking about this today). If you don't dread going to work every day, and it pays the bills (doesn't have to make you rich, just cover the essentials), I think that's pretty successful.

  2. You do sound like a great manager! Congrats! For me, I take great joy in getting notes from former students who say things like, "Your class really taught me how to write clearly and for everyone" (this was for a writing course at a law school). It always feels good to know that maybe -- just maybe -- you've made a difference. Cheers!