Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm feeling scattered this week. I have way too much going on at work, plus my son's 6th birthday party to organize and I don't seem to be able to focus on anything. A bunch of other small problems are also not helping. So writing hasn't been happening at all. Yesterday I wrote nothing. That's got to be the first time in months. So now I'm beating myself up to do extra today. And I'll try. I have 3 free hours this morning, but unfortunately the only place I'll be able to use them is in my office at work. I'm going to try to ignore the telephone etc, but I'm not sure how successful I'll be.

I sent out my first tentative queries on Prayer and Prey on Monday night. Only four to start with because I'm testing the water. We'll see how it goes...

And don't forget to check out Cassandra Marshall's contest...


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