Monday, September 13, 2010

Rewriting (again)

I finished rewriting the NOW section of A9 last night. I'm still not sure it's strong enough, or different enough to work. In fact, as soon as I finished it, I had a brilliant idea of what the dynamic between my two young lovers needs to be. To begin with, she's hesitant, frightened to get too close to him while he's almost too eager for the relationship to get serious quickly. Then, midway through the book, he makes a confession to her, opens up about the secret he's been keeping, and she melts, all her hesitation and fear about the relationship gone. There is a period of bliss where they both seem to want the same thing, and think they have a future together. Then, after they go and visit his family, he begins to get cold feet and starts almost subconsciously pulling away from her.

It's good written out like that, but showing that in fairly short, precise scenes is going to be harder. As I piece the new NOW bits together with the A9 sections, I will try to achieve this dynamic. I'm just not sure I can... Especially with a deadline looming over me in the form of the review frenzy. Help!

And once again, if you haven't entered Cassandra's contest, you have only 6 more days to do it! Then again, I'm going to seriously need her help again soon, so don't enter so I can win!

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