Sunday, February 25, 2024

Weekly Goals 26-2-24

 I made it through the opening weekend of the Festival.

It was busy and I did a lot of rushing around, but nothing major went wrong.  Well, apart from having to cancel the rest of the season of a show because some of the cast got sick. But even that went pretty smoothly.  I missed out on seeing the Akram Kahn dance company, but I did get to see Meow Meow which was an absolute hoot!  My face ached after the first half from laughing so much.

So my main goal this week is to try and get some sleep and to recover from the weekend.  The rest of the Festival is nothing like as crazy as that opening weekend that included the Writers festival - which I managed to see nothing of because of the timing of the events - so it should be very manageable.  I hope.

What are your goals this week?


  1. That's a drag that you had to cancel part of your show. I'm producing a play for a community theater group and have an actor contract signing meeting and production meeting this week. I'm hoping to work on revising my manuscript too.

  2. You certainly deserve a restful week!