Sunday, July 28, 2019

Weekly Goals 29-7-19

I'm not going to have a whole lot of spare time this week because of the film festival, so my goal is just to keep working on the book whenever I can.  I think I've made it through the really tricky part, so now it's just tying up all the little things that those changes will have made in the rest of it.

And then the final pass through to add in small details and make sure that it all makes sense now it's been ripped apart and. put together again.

And of course, my other goal is to go to all my films and enjoy them.

I've seen two more since we last met:

Yuli: A bio-pic about Carlos Acosta, a ballet dancer from Cuba who became a worldwide ballet star.  Interestingly, this was kind of a reverse Billy Elliott in that young Costa (called Yuli by his father after an ancient warrior) didn't want to dance but was pushed into it by his father.  The real Costa was a part of the film, playing himself as an older man, choreographing a piece about his life for a dance company in Cuba.  His younger self was also part of the film via television pieces about his career outside Cuba.

A Dog Called Money: A doco about the making of PJ Harvey's album, The Hope Demolition Project.  It follows Harvey through Kosovo, Syria, Afghanistan and the USA where she travelled with an Irish photojournalist and then into the studio where the songs she wrote in response to the things she saw were recorded in a specially-made room where the public could come and watch the recording process.  It was interesting, but even at 95 minutes, I felt like it was a little too long and slightly repetitive.

What are your goals this week?


  1. In my first year of college I had a wonderful opportunity to watch movies like this on a regular basis. In recent years my film experience has been greatly reduced. There's a lot of big releases I just don't care about missing anymore, but then there are also smaller ones I'm no doubt missing out on, too, simply because I don't have the opportunity to discover them.

  2. No matter how many passes I make in my MS, I still find ridiculous errors. Anyway, looking forward to hearing about more films.

  3. Good luck with getting writing in this week between the films.