Sunday, June 9, 2019

Weekly Goals 10-6-19

It feels like I've had the same goal for many weeks now: finish the new book.  

And that's my goal this week too.  Even though I still haven't come up with an ending that really resonates with me.  Remind me to never leave a book sitting on my hard drive without at least a sketched in ending, please...  This is driving me crazy.

I've been filling in the middle of the book a little more, hoping that something there will lead me to an ending, but so far that hasn't helped a lot.  But at least I'm writing, right?

I didn't make it to the gym at all last week because work was so busy, so this week I'm determined to make it at least four times.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Sometimes you just have to keep working at things. You'll find the right ending. Just keep going. Maybe you'll get an idea at the gym.

  2. Some goals just take a few weeks. ;)