Friday, December 16, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things 16-12-16

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So what am I celebrating this week?

One more week at work until the holidays!  

It has been a long year and I haven't had more than a day or two off here and there, so I am looking forward to walking out the door next Friday and not going back until 16 January.

I have made a little progress as far as Christmas preparations go.  I'm going to take the kids to do their shopping today, and will spend some of tomorrow baking and preparing the goodies I'm going to give people as gifts this year.

I finished SHOOK and am ready to send it to my agent.  I won't until next year now because she's reading a revision of MY MURDER YEAR at the moment and I don't want to overload her.

So for a few weeks, I'm going to take time off from work and from my writing to relax and spend time with my kids and enjoy the summer weather (if it ever actually gets summery).

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. It's the end of the year and time for a break! Have a great holiday.

  2. I'm celebrating a holiday houseful of teenage girls. My eldest daughter is home from college. My younger daughter is here, along with my "daughter from another country" -- a German exchange student we took on for 6 months who has now asked to stay the whole year. (We were happy to say yes.)

    We expect the house to be filled with the friends of all 3 girls for the next few weeks because apparently this is "the house where everybody feels cool to hang out at." I don't think my husband and I could have aspired to anything more honored! (And I swear, they are not getting alcohol here!)

  3. Congrats on finishing Shook! I'm sure Suzie will be blow away by it. How come vacations are always slow to arrive, but over before you know it?