Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekly Goals 24-10-16

While I'm still officially on a writing break, I'm still doing little tweaks to SHOOK as I get notes from my CPs.  I've just spent the afternoon of my extra day off (yay long weekend!) fixing up a few things in the middle of the book and I think they work much better now.

It always amazes me how a few lines here and there can make such a huge difference to a story.  Or a single scene.

So this week I will continue to tweak SHOOK as notes come in.  And I will hopefully think up some good stuff for the new book.  I'm struggling a little bit with where to start because potentially there are two inciting incidents in this story.  I'm not sure if I should include both or start further along in the story with the second one.

But because it's a NaNo book, I guess I write both and figure out if it's the right choice later, when I revise….

What are your goals this week?


  1. That's some break :P. Kind of sounds like one of mine. I hope you're ready because NaNo is just a week away now!

  2. Editing can be a really rewarding process, when you see things that can be fixed and help the story considerably, no matter how much real estate they take up in the manuscript. Sometimes the tiniest change makes all the difference.