Friday, February 26, 2016

Celebrate the small things 26-2-16

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So what am I celebrating this week?

The Festival of the Arts has started and the Fringe Festival is in full swing so the city is full of exciting things to do and see.  Last night I went the opening night of the ballet which was extraordinary, and tonight I'm going to an interactive Fringe show called Crap Music Rave.  It is going to be a dance party with terrible music.  I'm going with 12 women and we've all been suggesting terrible songs on the performer's Facebook page, so we already know the calibre of awful to expect.

Unfortunately, with all this excitement plus a very busy period at work, I haven't quite finished my revision.  I do have a few more days, but I'm not sure it's quite enough.  Especially since I feel like the new ending I've almost finished writing is a little flat.  Realistic, bbut maybe a little bit of a let down after the drama that comes before it.  I will have to wait for my CPs to get to it and tell me where I went wrong.

Of course, as always happens when I'm 5 minutes away from finishing a project, a new, shiny, exciting idea pops into my head.  So I'm trying to hold that at bay while I finish this revision.  Looks like writing something new is on the cards next, not revising the other book waiting in my hard drive...

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. The Crap Music Rave sounds wonderful! I'd be celebrating it, too.

    While I have a sneaking feeling that I should be offering my condolences over the New, shiny, exciting idea interrupting your closure with the nearly finalized project, I think it is well worth celebrating!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Crap music rave. How hilarious and horrible! Sounds like fun though. Good luck keeping the shiny idea at bay. Resist the temptation!

  3. I've hear of Bad Poetry Slams, but never a Crap Music Rave. It sound like so much fun. You have to share some of the "awful" music you hear there. Have fun and good luck with the revision and with the shiny new idea! :)

  4. Ha Ha - crap music rave sounds awesome! Went to a comedy festival over the past two weeks and that's been really good fun experiencing new things and acts so hope you have a great time this weekend :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  5. Crap music rave — I'll bet that was fun. Your new shiny idea sounds exciting. Good luck with it and with your revisions!