Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekly Goals 18-5-15

Not much different this week.  Again I didn't hit the word count I'd hoped to over the last week.  I'm 3K shy.  Given this is a weekly occurrence now, I'm revising down my projected weekly/daily word counts.  I used to do 1500 words per day no problem.  Now I think I have to be happy with 1K.  Maybe once I get further into the meat of the story, the words won't be so hard to come by and I can shift up again.

So, my goal is to hit the 17K mark by next Monday.  I may be pushing it because this week is a very busy one, but I'll do my best.

I got a bread maker for my birthday and my goal is to make all our bread from now on.  I just need to work out a good schedule for making it so it's ready at the key times.  Especially since it is hard to slice when it's too fresh.  Right now I'm going quietly insane at the scent of fresh cornbread cooling on the counter…

What are your goals this week?


  1. You're writing, which is the important part. Some books just come slower than others. Have fun with your homemade bread :). I've never had it before. It must be delicious.

  2. Here's to reaching your goal this week! I've been in a funk lately and kind of in a holding pattern on many fronts. Not even thinking about goals now. Just taking it one day at a time.