Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog Blitz

Have you heard about Blog Blitz?

It's an awesome thing that DL Hammons does to boost morale amongst bloggers.  He keeps an eye on all the bloggers on the list (a really big job), and when someone needs a little boost, or has something special to share, he emails everyone on the list with a date and a blog address to visit.

As team members, our job is to visit that blog, read the post and comment.  It's fantastic, and the Blitzee gets hundreds of comments on a single day.  And the best thing, they never know its coming....

If you'd like to join the Blitz Team, go here and add your name to the list.

We're hoping to push our numbers to 500 hundred participants. Be sure to check it out!  And maybe you'll be the next one to get Blitzed!


  1. I'm trying to decide. I can't imagine having to answer all those comments. It could take me weeks! I'll think about it a bit longer. Does anyone know someone who has been blitzed?

    1. To Fanny - Kelly Hashway (she mentions it here: & Leandra Wallace (she mentions it here: have recently been blitzed. They said they loved it. Personally, I'm with you - too many comments to return. But it would be awesome for a new blogger or someone who doesn't have much of a following.

    2. Gah! You don't have to reply to every comment. Just write a thank you post later. No one ever expects you to reply to every comment. That would be inhumane!

  2. The Blitz is enormous fun! Plus, you wouldn't have to respond to each individual comment, just do a whole post a couple of days later to thank everyone, and especially DL of course.

  3. Yay! Here's to blitzers everywhere! It's so great to feel loved.

  4. Great event... going to join up again:)