Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm back!

What a wonderful week it was too.  The sun shone (except for one day when it absolutely poured down) and I am now sufficiently holidayed to face the rest of the year.


It was nice just to get away for a while.  There is very little internet or cell coverage where I was, and being untethered from my computer for a few days was definitely a good thing.  I maybe peeked at my phone in the morning, but then basically forgot it existed until the following morning.  Which was actually really nice.

I did a lot of outdoorsy stuff, which is again unlike me.  I'm a city girl at heart, so spending a week kayaking and hiking is not normal for me.  But I enjoyed it.  I managed to get my six year old to walk over 10km in the national park one day, and my older son (9)  did that walk and then another 16km walk a few days later.  In record time!

In the evenings we ate too much good food and drank craft beers or nice wines (or both, on some occasions).  There may have been a few rather competitive games of Arizona Rummy too...

My sister came with her daughter and it was the first time my sons and I have spent more than a day with my niece. It was so lovely to see how the boys responded to her, and how much fun they had together.  It's a shame my sister lives so far away (in Arizona), and that it will likely be two years before  we get to see her and Amelia again.

But now the holiday stuff is over, it's back to work.  I have a shredded book to piece back together.  And tomorrow night I plan to get stuck back into that.  I've had some good ideas while I was away, and I hope I can make them work once I get back into the MS.

How's your week been?

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  1. Untethered from the internet. What a frightening thought ;). I guess it's fun to get outside sometimes, though not right now with all the snow. I'm glad you had a nice vacation.