Friday, March 8, 2013

A little bit random

I occurred to me the other night, I have 200+ followers on this blog, and what do they really know about me?  That I'm a writer and that I work in film.  That I have kids, maybe.  That I'm a huge music fan.  But other than that, probably not much.

So I thought I'd give you a few random facts about me.  To kind of flesh out the caricature you might be carrying around in your head.

1. I used to be a chef and I still love to cook.  I have shelves and shelves of recipe books, but I never look at them.  Once I've read through them, I make dishes like the ones I've seen in the book, but I never follow the recipe to the letter.

2. I cry in movies all the time.  At the drop of a hat.  But I don't cry much in other parts of my life.  So maybe my movie crying is the catharsis I need.

3. I once locked my sister in a wardrobe and tried to suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner.  It didn't work....

4. I change the color of my hair the way other people change their socks.  Right now it's kind of a dark purple/burgundy on the top, and the ends are orange.  But I think I'll change that soon.

5. Talking of socks...  I very rarely ever wear a matched pair.  I can never find two the same when I sort the laundry, so I pair up two of the same style, even if one's green and one's pink.

So there you are.  Can each of you tell me something random about yourself?


  1. I find I tear-up easily when the characters cry in movies. I love the wardrobe vacuum thing! Funny!
    Random thing: I can design, cut and sew my own clothes. I made myself many outfits when I was a singer and a dancer, though for everyday-wear, I usually just buy because it's easier. :-)

  2. My random fact: I rarely wear socks period - unless I'm going to the gym. You'll almost always find me wearing ballet flats or going barefoot.

  3. I'm totally rigid about socks. They need to match on all levels. It has to be the matching sock or else my whole day is ruined. True story. :3

  4. Okay, here's my random and quirky. I love to wear my hubbies socks. They're way to big, but I love the feel of them on my feet.

  5. I sleep with my eyes half open.

  6. I love how many of you are quirky about socks!

    Oh, and another random thing... I LOVE the word socks. It's so lovely and soft to say.

  7. I change my hair quite a lot, I get bored with it easily. I've never dyed it fully though; I'm too much of a chicken! I dyed the underneath for a few months, and it went from purple to red to brown. I grew it really long after that, and the other day I had it cut and got highlights. Next time I'm thinking of going blonder. After that? Who knows :)

  8. #3 totally made me laugh. It was a good try at least. Okay, since so many are sticking with the sock thing... In winter I always wear two pairs cause my feet get so damn cold. One thin dress sock/almost like a nylon material. Then a normal sock. And they almost always match. The last few years I've been trying to buy big packs of the same black sock so then I don't have to worry as much about finding that match.

    I wish I had the guts to do something fun with my hair. But I don't. :)

    1. I always have cold feet too. My office has no heating, and in the winter I often go to work wearing 3 pairs of socks and gloves....