Friday, October 5, 2012

On A Break

After tinkering and making a few false starts on my new book, I've decided to take a break for the month of October and blitz the draft during NaNo next month.  I'm still working through niggly little revisions on Sidewalks, and after finishing two books already this year, I feel like a month off is a good idea.

I have a big film festival starting next week and the kids are off school for two weeks, so not working on something feels like the right decision.  And I've successfully completed NaNo twice before, and know what a huge butt kick it can be.

So, until November 1st I shall blissfully enjoy watching bad television, reading books and making a dent in the pile of DVDs that continually reside on my desk at work.  Not to mention playing with the kids and taking them on outings.

What do you do with your time while you're on a break from writing?

1 comment:

  1. I park butt on couch and watch too much tv. If I get bored I do some chores ... but I don't get bored very often. :-)