Sunday, October 28, 2012

Informal break

Just a quick heads up.  I'm doing NaNo again this year, and because I know from experience how crazy it is, I'm probably not going to blog a lot during November.  I'm not going to say I won't blog, because if anything strikes me as being especially blog-worthy, I will dash off a post.  But I won't be sticking to my every-two-days schedule.

I'm sure everyone's heartbroken about that too....

So who else is doing NaNo?  Tell me about your process.  I'm the crazy one who goes in with a half-assed idea and just starts writing.  I haven't even been thinking a whole lot about this one at all, because I've been scrambling to get through my last few chapters of revision on Sidewalks before I start.  So no outline to speak of.  Just three very different characters.  I can't even decide whether I want to write in first or third person!

Would it be weird to have one POV in first and the other two in third?  I might try it.  That's the awesome thing about NaNo.  You just throw words at the page with abandon.  Most of them will need changing later, but at least you have the clay to mould.

Are you going to take the plunge?


  1. That sounds very cool,give it a try...I need to make sure to post about my change in blog posting schedule as well.

    I'm just trying to get my thoughts about my NaNo project out of my head, ex. characters, main plot, so that come November it's pure writing.

  2. I am going to nano before returning to revisions. I wish you luck with yours, fun to experiment!

  3. Yup. I'm doing it for the first time. I'm not a plotter by nature, so I'm not doing that now. I do have ideas I've been writing down though. I got the premise and the characters, but not the ending. So we'll see what happens.