Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beta reading

Since I've decided not to start my new book for a couple more weeks, I find I have time on my hands.  And for once, I'm all caught up on beta reading.  So, if anyone wants a fresh set of eyes across their work, I'm free to read.

Just a few things you should know....

If you write fantasy, I'm probably not your girl.  I'm fine with a few magical elements in a story, but if you have elves and magic and wizards, I'm just turned off before I start.  I hate The Hobbit and LOTR and all those stories set in weird mythical worlds.

I'm very honest.  If you're not ready to hear that your story isn't perfect, I'm probably not the right reader for you.  I don't sugar-coat things.

I write gritty, issue driven contemporary YA, so that's my area of expertise.  That said, I regularly beta for a horror writer, romance writers and urban fantasy writers as well as other YA authors.

So, if you're interested, drop me a brief email about your book, and we can head on down this interesting road together.  I usually suggest I do a chapter or two to start with, just to see if my technique gels with you and that you're getting what you need from me.

While I don't expect you to read for me in exchange, if you would like to, I do have an MS that could use a few more eyes.

So who needs a reader?  I think I can probably take on three to get me through to the end of October.


  1. Beta readers are worth their weight in gold. Good luck finding some. :)

    1. I have plenty of people to read my stuff, but I enjoy helping other people out, so I'm offering my services. If I get a new reader for my stuff too, well, that's a bonus!

  2. Am about to drop you an email to see if we can connect at all.

  3. Darn. I'm going to need a beta in a few'll probably be up to your eyeballs by then!

  4. I have a ms that was complete, but now is going through a major rewrite...the first 200 pages are ready for a beta reader, though. The last pages (50 or so) will be ready soon. You up for another? I will send you an email.