Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I'm breathing again.  I managed to un-stick my MS last night.  I think I've written 5 chapters I don't need in the process, but I'll deal with that when I revise.  For now, I'm going to blaze ahead.  There are bad things coming for Sacha and Dylan.  Some good things too, of course, but from here the book's tone changes a lot, gets darker.

I can't wait to write it.  Thankfully I get a whole afternoon tomorrow to write.  The last time I had that luxury I knocked out 6000 words.  I hope I can do that again.

How are your projects going?  Stuck?  Flying through? Plodding along at a reasonable pace?


  1. I'm plodding along pretty reasonably, but I wish I were flying. 6000 in one afternoon? Good grief, you must break the sound barrier!

  2. I love when I can just write and get the words to flow like that. I wish you an afternoon of many words. :D