Friday, June 1, 2012


I knew I'd reach this point...  I even mentioned it when I started writing this new WIP.  Yes, I'm kind of stuck.  Not stuck in the sense I can't write, but stuck in that I can't seem to make the story move to the next place it needs to go.

I've written 45K, some of which I'm happy with, some of which I haven't gone back to look at, and some I'm sure will get cut in the next draft, but I'm also pretty sure I should be further into the story by this point than I am.  But I can't seem to make things move faster.

The book has two quite distinct parts, and where I am now, the first part is winding down, and the second part should be ramping up.  Yet I can't get to the second half.  I can't get Dylan and Sacha into the city alone.  Sacha's parents just won't let her go.  I've rewritten several scenes, trying to make them, but they are just good, protective parents who will not let their talented, innocent seventeen year old daughter go and live with her struggling rock musician boyfriend for the summer.

What's a writer to do?  I can't write the rest of the book if they don't get to the city.  Any ideas?  Usually I kill the parents off, but I need these ones later so I can't do that in this case.


  1. Maybe she goes anyway, leaves a note, and faces the consequences later??

  2. Do you have any writing craft books? Sometimes it helps to go through pointers on plotting to see if you can find specific spots that might be the trouble areas (Save the Cat for example - or look for novel versions of his Beat Sheet online).

    Without knowing your story it's hard to say. But like @E.Arroyo said, can something happen that causes the main character to disobey her parents and leave anyway? I tend to have the issue that I don't want bad things to happen to my characters. But sometimes, they need to make bad choices - given their motives are believable. You have to find that conflict for the story.

    At a writing workshop, one suggestion for being stuck was to write a list of 10; think of 10 ideas of what could trigger her parents to let her go. Even if some ideas are totally unrealistic, it gets you thinking.

    Best of luck!

  3. I agree with leaving the parents on her own. I think there needs to be a decision that propels the characters into the next phase. The decision could be disobedience or it could be something that "happens" to the parents for the time being that allows more freedom for the youngins.

    You can play the what-if game. What if they did this, where would they be. What if this happened, what would happen next?

    Good luck!


  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried her going off on her own, but it's completely out of character for her. I think I've found a way that works, but it isn't perfect. Maybe in the next draft I'll figure out a better way....