Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A little sad

My youngest son turns five tomorrow and is off to school for the first time.  I'm a little sad about it, not to mention incredulous that I'm a) old enough to have two school aged kids, and b) that five years have gone by that fast!  It seems like only hours ago that he was born!

I know school will be good for him.  He's been ready for it for well over six months and I'm sure he'll thrive there (if he can learn to listen to what he's being told and act on it).  I hope he likes it as much as his brother does, and that he becomes the same avid reader.

It's funny how different my kids are.  We've brought them up the same way, but they have very distinct personalities.  All I can say is, it's good #1 came first!  #2 is much harder work.

All of a sudden I'll have that little bit more time to myself.  Writing time.  I wonder if it will make me more productive, or if I'll just have time to do more laundry and house cleaning....

Have your kids gone off to school?  Did it make you more or less productive?  And did you miss them?


  1. I'm thrilled you'll have more time to yourself and I'm sure you'll accomplish far more than cleaning and laundry with it.
    I see you solved the Amazon widget problem. Lookin' good! :-D

  2. Congrats on baby #2 starting school!

    My one and only baby is poised to go to college very soon (move in date for a pre-semester workshop is August 11). This year of college applications, in addition to my day job, has been hell and I've been looking forward to some peace and quiet. That said, my kid going away is becoming more and more real to me and, I have to admit, I'm freaking out just a wee bit inside. It's all a matter of getting over the hurdle, I know, and you adjust to the change and move on with your life. But...gah. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic