Thursday, October 6, 2011

Revision update

You guys are keeping me accountable here, so it's up to me to keep you updated on progress. It's October 7th and I'm 5.5 chapters into my revision. Not quite on the pace yet, but close enough. I have the day off today, and expect (hope?) to get through at least 3 chapters this afternoon.

I'm feeling good about things at this stage. I keep having ideas of how to get various things across more clearly and I'm setting up the new subplot already, even though it doesn't come into play until the very end of the book. Where I'm up to now is the part of the book that needs the most work. I have to cut mercilessly as I excise the redundant subplot and sow seeds for what's coming next. I have to clarify Livvie's goals and the things standing in her way.

I'll get there. This is only a first round revision after all. There will be more rounds....

Will I make it by October 31st???


  1. Sounds like you have made some good progress, hope the afternoon went well for you.
    I find revisions hard, but I keep reminding myself why I love the story and I have the urge to carry on.

  2. Getting there, getting there. I have real problems with plot. It never quite looks the way I want it to...