Saturday, October 29, 2011

New ideas

Of course, since I've 'finished' my new book, my brain is already ticking away at the next idea. It's a tricky one, a story that's going to require a lot more plotting than anything I've written before.

One of my fabulous online writing buddies asked me to help her brainstorm some new ideas for her next project which struck me as being a really awesome way to approach a new project. So I gave her the bones of my new idea and she came back with a bunch of questions for me to think about.

So I'm thinking. And thinking... And terrifying myself with the complexity of the idea, but excited by how awesome it will be if I can nail it. I probably won't start until after the holidays because I have some other things I need to do and hate having to switch directions mid-way through a project. So I have time to think, make notes, possibly even outline (heaven forbid!).

How do you get started on new projects? Does brainstorming help?


  1. Right now I'm trying to force myself to look at all the projects I have done that need tweaking, and all the projects that are ALMOST done, or HALFWAY done, that need doing.
    I think this is going to be nano for me this year.
    How much of her self-made writing crap can Jolene wade through in a month??

  2. I am constantly brainstorming for future projects. I have a couple notebooks, one for each novel idea, and I jot things whenever they pop into my head. I like to just think about my stories, and have found they constantly evolve in my head...faster than I can keep up!

  3. Good luck Jolene.... I wanted to do NaNo this year, but something has come up that will most likely start during November and I'd hate to start and not finish.

    Shannon, I am always thinking about new projects, but this is the first time I've brainstormed with someone else. it was fun!

  4. Hi Kate,
    I'd love to start writing a new book! I've been editing and re-editing my three manuscripts forever it seems. (To give myself a break, I write short stories.) But I will start on something new soon. Love the idea of brainstorming your new work with a friend. Her input might make your finished project richer if it causes you to expand your original thinking.

    I'm visiting from the Warm Fuzzies Blogfest.
    Good luck with the new project and pleased to meet you!
    Kim Van Sickler

  5. I'm constantly brainstorming too. For each idea I make a folder on my computer and jot notes down every time something comes into my head. If I have an idea I just can't wait on I write to manuscripts at the same time.

    Of course then I'm also editing finished ones. But I seem to work better when I'm not focused on one thing. More exciting that way for me, if not a little crazy :)

  6. Yes, I like to have multiple projects to work on too. It helps if you get stuck on one. Then you can just go work on another for a while. I find that usually un-sticks me....

  7. I'm always having new ideas for stories, sometimes talking them over with others (which I find is often helpful, really helps develop the idea.)
    Right now I'm working on my uni work, and revisions on my manuscript, which is hard work. But I'm also writing bits for another manuscript I love.

    Good luck with the new project!

  8. What are you planning on doing with the WIP you just finished? Any editing or querying plans?

    I'll be excited to hear about how you sort through the complexity of this one!

  9. Editing, editing & more editing at the moment, Juliana. Then I guess I'll be back on the query train....