Friday, June 3, 2011


To be a great writer, you have to read. You have to read a lot. And I read a LOT. Well, as much as time permits. I read on the bus. I read in the bath. I read while I eat when I don't have to supervise children. I read in bed when I get the opportunity. I read pretty much anytime I can. I can't stand to go anywhere without a book, just in case I get stuck with five minutes in which I could read. So I'm the one who never has a tiny, chic-looking handbag because it's not big enough to fit a library book in...

And what do I read? I read everything. Sure, I have preferences, but I'm not afraid to branch out and read something different. I love contemporary YA, but you'll often see me with my nose in an adult crime-thriller, or a Russian classic, or even a cheesy romance novel. My library book selection this last trip consisted of a YA dystopian, an adult literary fiction novel, an adult mainstream novel and a YA historical. And I enjoyed them all in different ways.

Unfortunately I finished them all, and it's almost a week before I can get to the library again. I'll be trawling my home bookshelves for something to re-read until I can refresh my stash.

And when I do, does anyone have something they think I should read? Is there something that you've read that was so good you want to recommend it to everyone you meet? I'm always eager for suggestions. I just have to hope my library has it...


  1. I just read Poison Study (suggested to me by Sophia) and LOVED it. The writing and world building was amazing.

  2. I love reading, but it's trying to walk that fine line between finding time for reading and for writing.

    I usually read crime novels but love chick lit and I read a great book a couple of weeks ago. Ordinary Angels by India Drummond. You will find the info on her website

    She has also just released a new book which I haven't read yet but can't wait to get my hands on.

    Whatever you choose to pick up next. Happy reading :)

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll look both of those up.

    X K8

  4. When I run out of books, I start hitting up my husband's bookshelf. He has some good stuff in there!