Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let it rock!

I'm a total rock chick and I'm not afraid to admit it. Always have been. The first album I ever bought was Combat Rock by the Clash. I think I was eight...

Last night I was at the gym doing my usual Thursday night Spin class. The teacher was going to be away for a few days, so she decided to do a particularly difficult program (a whole hour long hill-climb). But she put on rock music. Usually her classes are done to pretty mainstream pop music, the kind of soulless, over produced garbage you hear on the radio. Katie Perry, Lady Gaga and that kind of thing. I try to get into it, but I can't.

Now rock music, that's a completely different beast and I can tell you, I worked harder in that class last night than I think I ever have. There's passion in rock music, emotion, a rawness that grabs you by the guts and drags you along with it. For me, that is motivation enough. I can crawl inside that driving beat and even though was gasping for breath by the end of the third song, at the end of the hour, I could have kept going. It was the best class since we had '80s week late last year...

What kind of music drives you?


  1. It all depends on how I'm feeling. Heavy rock music like Tool and the Deftones help me relieve stress.

  2. I'm a pop tart really. But my favourite artists are Bjork and Florence and the Machine. Lots of light and shade in their work.

  3. I'm totally into punk and rockabilly; there's nothing quite as motivating as alt music. I did discover that ska is the best music to do housework to!
    You might be interested in EGL Magazine that I run.

  4. I'm also a rock chick all the way. rock, punk, grunge--it all gets me going.

    <3 Gina Blechman

  5. Rock baby! I'm big into Alternative and Indie. I like all types of music across the board but those genres really get me going.

  6. I went through a phase where all I listened to was Rock, now though I listen to a whole assortment of music. But I definitely need to add in more rock to my work out playlist!!