Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Genre count

As I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post, I began this year with the plan to write and publish in as many genres as possible. I had an acceptance on Monday which adds horror to my list of accomplishments. So I thought maybe now would be a good time to look back and assess my progress, look into which genres I've neglected so I have an idea where I might need to focus next (yes, I know I'm supposed to be rewriting/editing novels...).

So what genres have I 'conquered' thus far?

Horror - yes. Mercy is not a traditional vampire story, but there is enough lore in there to be considered horror.
Fantasy- yes. Etched in Stone is about as fantastic as I'm going to get.
Chick Lit - yes. The Choice, while also containing fantasy elements, is mostly chick-lit.
Young Adult - yes. Free is that most YA of YA, a coming of age tale.
Erotica -yes. Although under a pseudonym...
Flash Fiction - yes, yes, yes... I've had several pieces of flash fiction published.
Sci-Fi - no, not yet. The story's written, has been sent out several times, but has not yet been accepted.
Historical fiction - not yet. Again, it's written, but not yet sent out.
Literary fiction - I'm not sure. I actually consider most of my work to be fairly literary, but I think In The Bedroom would be considered literary, so let's check yes for that one.
Humour- yes. Cakewalk, my silly little story about a fat lady on a diet locked into a cake shop over night.
Tragedy - yes. Swansong, my first ever published story, is tragic. So too are many of my other stories, really.
Western -no. Again, written, but not yet published, or indeed even sent out yet.
Sports - no. I have a surfing story, The Beautiful Paradox, that's been out once, but is now entered in a contest.
Romance -no. I'm not great at it, but it's a big part of Prayer and Prey, so will be getting sent out soon.
Bizzarro - no. I barely know what it is, let alone how to write it...

So what have I missed? Are there any genres I've forgotten here? What do I need to work on next? Other than my novels and the novella, which, thanks to the lovely Laura, I now know what to do with....

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