Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday the weather was horrible so I decided to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time: clean the house. I don't mean the little clean and tidy-up I do a couple of times a week, but an massive, epic spring clean. Okay, technically it's not spring until Wednesday, but I like to get a jump on things.

So I did absolutely no writing. Instead I pulled all the books from my bookshelves and dusted them, resorted them, moved them around the house so they made more sense. I got the kids to throw away all their old broken toys and put what remained in the toy boxes. We now have four huge sacks of garbage, and the house looks and smells much better.

I'm also hoping that having spent a day away from any of my writing work (I don't count adding a couple of lines to a short story, and moving a few commas), I might find the inspiration and impetus to really work hard on the two most pressing projects I have on my plate. It's 2 weeks until the big reviewing marathon for our novella projects, and I've written nothing more on Angels. I have also made only incremental progress on my rewrite of A9. But at least I'm inspired there, which I can't say about Angels. I also got some fantastic feedback on the opening chapter of P & P (thanks Em!) which I will implement this evening. I'm all too aware of how important those opening pages are now.

So here I am, refreshed and full of new determination and vigor for the new week. Just watch me crash and burn from here.


  1. I need to do fall cleaning. Sounds like a splendid way to further procrastinate finishing my 1/3 of the Angels project ^_^

  2. I think Laura just gave me the key to mine. I've even set it up already. Can't believe I didn't think of it myself!