Sunday, November 5, 2023

Weekly Goals 6-11-23

I got a bunch of work done on Guide Us over the weekend and I feel like it's almost there.  I moved a bunch of chapters around, changing the timeline a bit and I think that works better than the way I had it before.  I think I may need to move a couple more too, just to make the timings work.

But then, I think I'm pretty much done. I'll need to do a read through to make sure the changes I've made are bedded in properly and  I may need to write a couple of small scenes here and there to make the new timeline fit right, but after that, I think I may actually have finished.

So that's my only goal this week.  To actually finish this project once and for all.

What a long journey this has been!

What are your goals this week?


  1. That's an awesome goal to complete your project. I hope to get back into my writing.

  2. I never understood how people can move chapters around. It takes so much work to make it coherent! Good luck on finishing.