Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekly Goals 21-8-17

I didn't end up doing any writing last week, despite my goal.  I've had a cold for two weeks and it just keeps lingering on and I've been completely exhausted by the time I get home from work every night.  I've been in bed before 9, trying to get rid of the damn thing.

I feel like maybe I'm feeling a little better after the weekend, but I will have to wait until this afternoon to be entirely sure...

So my goal this week is to do some writing.  I'm a little stuck on the ghostwwriting project because I haven't managed to get more time with the subject and I've written everything I already had.  I could write a few small pieces here and there to slot in later, but I feel like I need another day or two of interviews before I can do justice to the pieces.

I did have an idea for a book of my own to write, but it still needs more time to percolate before I can start writing.  I'm thinking I might make it my NaNo project for this year.  Not that I've even looked at what I wrote during last year's NaNo....

I have plenty of stuff I could be editing and working on, so my goal this week is to try and start that, unless I can get some time on the phone with my ghostwriting partner, in which case I will continue with that.

What are your goals this week?


  1. To work on the projects I finally picked up again recently, nothing too big, just some stuff to get some nervous writing energy out.

  2. Just over two months until November. That seems like a good amount of time for it to finish forming. Good luck with your writing!