Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weekly Goals 21-11-16

Considering everything that has been going on, I am actually on track with my NaNo book.  I cracked 33K words yesterday, and am now feeling like getting to 50K in 9 days is possible.  Not easy, but possible.  I'm going to need to work hard and not take any days off this week because I have to go to Auckland for work next week and will lose a couple of evenings' work there.

If at all possible, I'd like to crack my 50K by Sunday so I won't have to worry about the damn thing while I'm away.  If I can get a couple more 3K days under my belt, that all work.

On the non-wordcount side of the project, it's pretty terrible.  I keep realizing I've written things in the wrong order, and that thinks need mentioning earlier or things need changing.  So I've gone through and written myself revision notes where I feel like things need mentioning or things need switching around.  So hopefully that will make revising a little easier.  I often forget to do that and then find I can't remember what I was thinking when I get to the revision stage.

So 50K here I come!

What are your goals this week?


  1. Well, it's good to know what you need to do. Just getting that many words down is impressive!

  2. Good luck, and it's a good sign that you've already realized what needs revising.