Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Books I've Loved: 3

I really enjoyed this book because it delves into an area I don't think I've ever seen in YA fiction before - polyamory. It's something that has always fascinated me because I don't believe one person can ever satisfy all your emotional, sexual and intellectual needs.  The whole monogamous relationship with a single partner idea seems designed to leave some part of you unsatisfied.

I've seen threesomes dealt with in some YA, and it's always been a drunken mistake, or something one part of the threesome felt pressured into.  And it has always been about sex.  While this book deals with three people in an intimate relationship, it isn't all about sex. In fact, only two of the people in the relationship actually have sex.  Yet there is no sense that the third person is left out or not emotionally engaged with the other two.

There was jealousy, of course.  I think it's impossible in a situation like this for there not to be, especially when one person in the relationship is new to the whole idea of polyamory. I was a little disappointed that the girl/girl side of the romance wasn't explored a little more, but I felt that was consistent with Taylor's character.

I found all the characters interesting and real and enjoyed spending time with them.  I liked that Taylor had a life outside the relationship that she was struggling to negotiate too.  A new step-family, a best friend who she's been inseparable from since childhood and a wedding-rattled mother make up some of the cast of characters.

My one issue with the book was the poor editing.  There were so many small errors in the text and each time I hit one, it drew me out of the story for a few seconds.

But enough from me.  Here's the blurb!

Taylor Cipriano had everything figured out, back when she lived with her single mother in Miami. Now, she's moved upstate for her junior year to live with her mom's boyfriend and her soon-to-be-stepsister and is trying to figure out who she is out of the shadow of her best friend. When she meets Theo—quirky, cute, sensitive Theo—he seems like a great match...except he has a girlfriend. Josey, icy and oh-so-intimidating.

But Theo and Josey aren't like anyone Taylor's met before; Josey grew up in a polyamorous family, and the two of them have a history of letting a third person in to their relationship. It's nothing Taylor's ever considered before...but she really likes Theo.

Her feelings for Josey, though?

That's where it really gets complicated.

3 unwraps who we love and how we love, in numbers as odd as we are.


  1. Aw, nuts. Editing mistakes can be such a distraction. But I like the idea of a three person relationship treated with as much seriousness as a two person one.

  2. Sounds pretty interesting, and certainly a brave subject to tackle. Of course, it also explodes the typical YA model, so that's certainly a good thing!