Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Goals 27-7-15

This week is all about trying to get to that 30K I pledged to complete during Camp NaNo.  I'm not far off (sitting at 22500 words written), and in a regular week I wouldn't be at all concerned about getting through the remaining 7500.  But it's a film festival week and I have two evenings I will be out at films.

Luckily there's no big work things happening this week (unless you count re-arranging our whole office to fit in a bunch of new people who are moving over from another organization).

I think I'll finish the month about 3K shy of my 30K goal.  Which is still good, and I'm pleased I challenged myself to do it, but still a little disappointed not to have made the mark.  On the plus side, I'm not that far from finishing the whole book, which was the point of doing this in the first place.

What are your goals this week?


  1. All the best with your goal, greetings!

  2. Good luck with the writing! The film festival will keep you busy, but I'm sure you can get close.

  3. I, for one, am impressed with how far you've gotten. Almost finished with a new book? Pat yourself on the back!